984 km in 24 Hours!!

It started on Friday, March 30 … and ended on Saturday, March 31 … 24 hours later … Australian triathlete Mitchell Anderson, who will turn 43 in June, has established this weekend new world record of track cycling at open air: 894.35 kilometers in 24 hours, that is, at an average of 37.25 km / h. The previous record was in the hands of the Slovenian Marko Baloh since 2008, with 889.85 kilometers.

The attempt took place in the Australian Automatic Research Center, near Melbourne (Australia), in its track it had to give 276 returns. “I can not describe the feeling of being on the bike for 24 hours, nor the euphoria of achieving a distance of 894 km … Despite the adversity of a cold night and the vomiting during most of the last hours, I managed get out of the well and reach my goal, “Anderson explained in social networks after achieving the feat.

“… and it goes away … we have a new title for the title of the 24-hour outdoor track, it was mine for almost 10 years and now it’s Mitchell, congratulations!” wrote Baloh, the former recorder this. modality.

Mitchell Anderson began to get good results in the triathlon in the year 2000. In 2005, undoubtedly, he made his best campaign. He finished 3rd in the Ironman of Austria and won the Ironman Western Australia. That same season he finished 14th in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. In 2004 it obtained its better position in Kona: 11º. In 2009, he also won the Strongman in Japan.

A year ago I also danced the book of the world of outdoor track cycling but, in this case, at 12 o’clock. He completed 501 kilometers …

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