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Orca launches the renewed neoprene Sonar

Orca launches a completely renewed version of its Sonar neoprene, ideal for swimmers looking for the perfect harmony between buoyancy and flexibility. […]


The 4 keys of Patrick Lange to achieve an efficient career technique

In 2016, on his debut in Kona, he set a new record in the walking race segment. He ran the final marathon […]


Gwen Jorgensen already thinks about her ‘next step’: the half marathon

“The objective was to compete for the victory, not necessarily get a good mark,” explained Gwen Jorgensen, after running the 10,000 on […]


984 km in 24 Hours!!

It started on Friday, March 30 … and ended on Saturday, March 31 … 24 hours later … Australian triathlete Mitchell Anderson, […]

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